5 Podcast Episodes Getting Us Through Laundry Days

5 Podcast Episodes Getting Us Through Laundry Days

Can we chat for a minute about those mundane tasks we just cannot escape?

Cleaning the floors, emptying and reorganizing drawers, blow drying your hair (ugh), and folding and putting away laundry (literally the worst part of my day) to name a few.

Sure, listening to music somewhat made these chores a bit better, but then, podcasts entered my life. All of a sudden, those jobs didn’t seem AS bad.

Feel like going for a run, pop those earbuds in, get a podcast going, and you are set. If it’s an interesting episode, it often makes me run longer to finish it! Need to do a big grocery shop, same same. Earbuds, podcast, done deal.

We want you to enjoy your next set of tasks, so Katie and I rounded up our top 5 podcasts to get you through your next load of laundry, or the next time you need to get out of the house for a walk along the beach. We have suggested particular episodes that we found tons of value in as well!

Make sure to save this post, so you can easily come back to these episodes the next time that basket of overflowing t-shirts and crewnecks are staring at you to clean.

Woman laying on beach with headphones

1. A Little More Good, The Stoic Runner -  Sean Hamilton
This episode has made us (want to be) morning people. We have listened to it multiple times. It’s that good. Even if you’re not a runner it will make you want to lace up your shoes and get out there before dawn for a “Dark Start” as Sean calls it. 

2. Smartless, Steven Colbert
Smartless has gotten us through many loads of laundry with a smile on our face. Not our usual laundry mood. The banter between the three of them is just the best. We love every episode. But this one with Colbert tops them all, non-stop laughter, prepare yourself. 

3. Goop, Gweneth x Cameron Diaz
Can we be friends with Gweneth & Cameron? We love this convo between two friends on aging gracefully and honouring your instincts. 

4. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, Esther Perel Returns
The queen of relationships. Esther Perel is our go-to for all things relational. If you aren’t already a fan, get ready to have your mind blown with her relationship advice. And bonus, this episode is co-hosted by our favourite gal in the podcast game - Monica Padman. 

5. The Rich Roll Podcast, Cracking the Code to Happiness - Arthur Brooks
 This episode really makes you think. Because who doesn’t want to contemplate their life’s purpose while they do house chores, right? But seriously this one with Harvard professor Arthur Brooks chalked with so much digestible wisdom. A must listen.