Sizing - Women's 1pc


  • Our size chart is in inches (imperial units) to help you find your perfect fit, detailing essential measurements like bust, waist and hip. For precise design and pattern making, our flat lay graphics use centimeters (metric units), showing detailed garment dimensions.
  • Most bodies fit multiple sizes. As such, there is some overlap between numbers on the chart. Decide A) if you prefer more or less compression and B) if you prefer a cheekier look to determine a smaller versus larger size.
  • Our women's suits are designed to fit true to size.
  • For longer torsos, consider the options with adjustable straps.
  • Ribbed and seersucker fabrics tend to have a bit more give to them, so they may feel more relaxed.
  • Because of the fabric stretch, width-wise the suits are very adaptable.
  • The most important measurements to reference are: hip width and all lengths.
  • You can cross reference our flat lay graphics with a piece of clothing you already own to gauge how each size may fit.



Please note that our flat lay graphics aim to provide a very close depiction; however, actual product measurements may vary slightly due to factors such as fabric grain, stretch, and how the garment is laid out.