12 Things ..


Lena and Katie here:) Okay full transparency, we can’t take credit for this idea. It’s from lifestyle blogger, Amber Clarke, and it’s one of our favourite emails to grace our inbox every week. Her "12 little things". Every Tuesday we look forward to these tidbits to get us out of our usual weekly rut and try some vetted must haves. And honestly it just feels like friends sharing hot tips to inspire each other. And we are into it. 

So welcome to our own personal 12 Things Tuesday where we will share things that we are loving or are just on our mind each week. If you are inspired by any of it or want to share some “little” things that are inspiring you just let us know, we love hearing from you!

1/ Our SS23 photoshoot went SO well. The sun was shining so bright in the studio, and it looked like the models were in full summer mode.

2/ All 4 of our new prints will be available on March 6th and we are thrilled. We are focusing on Capsule Collections this season, so everything will be pretty limited. Cutting down on over ordering, and focusing on conscious fashion. Feels really good going into this season.

Image of girl in Imagine Perry swimsuit with multi-coloured boho shapes. Her arm bloxking the sunlight coming in. Image of snow with two children playing.

3/ It’s a full on snow storm out there today and we are trying to embrace it rather than loath it…work can wait, time to go build a snowman with the little one

4/ We are heading up to our cabin in the Okanagan for spring break, and are going to be skiing with the kids. We are looking forward to a cozy week away with outdoor fires, warm apple cider, hot toddy’s for the adults, surrounded by great friends.

5/ Ted Lasso is back March 15th and I can hardly contain my excitement. He’s my fav.

6/ I’ve recently started listening to Huberman Lab and it’s good stuff. Packed full of health, fitness, and wellness information.

7/ We are redecorating our oldest daughter’s room this spring and I want to wallpaper the feature wall. I’m SO intimidated by the process, but think we are going to go for it and do it!

8/ Our giveaway for a two-night stay at Walnut Beach Resort has been swirling around the internet. We love seeing our followers excited about the opportunity!

9/ I took my girls to the local pool last week and we spotted 6 kids wearing Imagine Perry suits! It brings us so much joy seeing our designs “in the wild”.

10/ I am reading “Three Women” by Lisa Taddeo and it’s sooo good I literally cannot put it down. It follows the true stories of three “ordinary women” profiling their desires, emotions and heartbreaking circumstances and is a must-read for all women (and men).

11/ I went to Thailand recently and have become obsessed with thai cuisine. Although nothing will beat eating a $3 pad thai with fresh veggies on the beaches of Koh Tao, we are trying our best to replicate some of our favourite dishes. Our current go-to is Tom Yum soup, perfect for these cold days. Please send over your favourite thai recipes;)

12/ I just finished a course on the “Energetics and Business and Money” put on by Desirée Pais the founder of Benshen and it was so enlightening. Seriously obsessed with anything this woman does. She also has a monthly course for vision setting and unlocking personal power and it’s a 10/10. 

      Desiree Pais of Benshen Course, Energetics of Business and Money. Girl standing with white background, all white clothing. Girl holding a book and reading while she drinks coffee in bed.